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You have probably heard of many of the “Big Consignment stores’ and are wondering well what makes Wild About Cars Garage different. We are what Auto Consignment should be.  No high pressure tactics, no hidden fees and not just about making a quick buck off the masses.  The hassles of private car sales make consignment well worth considering and when considering your options please consider this.  

Wild About Cars Garage is owned and operated by a true car enthusiast who has spent a lifetime building relationships and connections not just locally but far reaching beyond the local car scene into the varied car communities and cultures.  The passion for all things automotive is what drives us and it’s the key to how we help you sell your car or your collectibles.  

We get it when it comes to the varied uniqueness of the marketplaces for different types of cars from Daily Drivers to Classics, Hot Rods, Performance, Racers, Motorcycles and we know reaching the right buying audience is the key to making the sale and we speak their language.  No Hype, No outrageous marketing fees, no floor fees, just real car people wanting to help folks find that automotive excitement that fits their drive and passion.

We also do Consigment and sales of Memorabilia and collectibles form Gas Pumps to Coca-Cola Machines

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