Shelby Cobra AC Real 427 Side Oiler

Shelby AC Cobra Real 427 Sid Oiler
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AC Cobra kit car: All components of this car are top quality

Vin # 9F03F194042 65 Cobra Replica

Midnight Blue (proper Ford Dupont F8249)

I have a complete binder with every detail of the paperwork on the build for this car – Build began in 2001 and completed in 2002 built on an ERA Square Tube frame/body

  • Southern Automotive installed a real 427 Side Oiler motor that is a Blueprinted engine putting out 515HP and it even has Ported and Polished Aluminum heads and chrome Cobra Intake – yes I have the paperwork (Block has no welding and is nor bored oversize)
    • Steel Crank, Reed Solid Cam, Lemans Rods, Ford Powertrain Forged Pistons, High volume oil pump, Canton race oil pan and pickup, Billet Distributor, 90amp Alternator, Chrome Headers/side pipes – Firewall is also polished stainless
  • Properly built Top loader 4speed with NASCAR Racing hardware (Muncie Rock crusher gearing)
    • Tilton Hydraulic Clutch and polished chrome scatter shield
  • Ford 9 inch Posi Traction Rear end

Top Quality Instrumentation setup, Rack and pinion steering and 4 Wheel Disc Brake setup, balanced driveline,

  • Steel framed Hi Grade Leather Seats by California Custom, Moto-Lita MK3 Classic Wood Rim Steering wheel, Top quality 4 core Griffin Radiator with dual fan setup
  • MSD 6al Electronic Ignition and High Torque starter
  • Wilton Wool Carpets

Engine Build and Transmission alone are a $25k build (with paperwork)

Then add The chassis, Suspension, Brakes, Body, Paint, etc. This car cannot be duplicated today for less than $85k and over $100k was spent to build this car – good luck finding a proper ERA correct 427 Side oiler Engine like this one!

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