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1964 Chevrolet Camino El Camino

ID 113624 45380K113624

Price $22,500


Year : 1964
Make : Chevrolet
Model : Camino
Miles : 52,108
Transmission : Automatic
Engine : 283 v8
cylinders : 8
Drivetrain : Rear Wheel Drive
Doors : 2 Doors
Stock : 113624
Fuel Type : Gasoline
VIN : 45380K113624


1964 El Camino

I HAVE A Complete history and Documentation FROM SECOND OWER PURCHASE ON 7/25/78 showing that the mileage of 118,368 is correct AND I HAVE ALL RECEIPETS FROM THAT DATE UNTIL Present.

2nd Owner Vehicle, purchased and licensed in WA from the Original Owner with 52,108 miles on it on Aug 16th, 1978, A New Small Block 283 V8 Complete Engine was purchased and installed by Chuck Olsen Chevrolet 2 months later on October 31st, 1978, a $100 down payment on the engine which was then rebuilt and purchased for $732.53 on 12-1-78 and installed which makes the current mileage on the motor only 66,368. A complete history of the vehicle with this engine in it with the second owner has been maliciously maintained with regular oil changes and maintenance. Many upgrades including a new paint job, custom interior, upgraded Suspension and Exhaust. The vehicle was last registered in 2006

9/11/1978 Rear Brake Seals, Complete brake overhaul

4/30/1979 New Muffler from Midas

11/18/1980 New Heater Core, R&R Carburetor

12/23/1980 New Upper Ball Joint RH and Front-end Alignment 71,832 miles

12/03/1982 New Ignition Switch assembly

12/13/1982 Full Tune and Lube Oil Filter, front wheel bearing pack

3/25/1983 Upper control arms replaced, new brake drums

3/30/1983 Brake Drums replaced

4/01/1983 Brake Reline, Replace Wheel Cylinders

6/21/1983 Master brake cylinder

2/24/1984 Lube Oil Filter

10/08/1984 New Transmission Pan, dipstick, valve seal, mount

7/09/1984 Tune up, new valve cover gaskets

11/29/1984 Complete brake service including reline, replace both rear axle bearings and seals, refill Diff with 90W oil

1/27/1985 Lube Oil Filter

4/07/1985 Lube Oil Filter

8/07/1985 Complete steam clean of engine and undercarriage

9/13/1985 Custom Interior work by Louis Custom Interiors in Lynwood WA

$878 in 1985 dollars ($2,300 in today’s dollars)

Custom Door Panels, Custom Seats, Custom Headliner and Visors, new carpet.

*Purchased bucket Seats and Tilt steering column at added cost

2/10/1986 New Voltage Regulator

4/14/1986 Replace Starter, Front wheel bearings packed

4/26/1986 Moog Drag Links and center link installed

5/01/1986 Replaced Tie rod and drop link

6/03/1986 Upper Ball Joints replacement and front-end alignment

6/27/1986 Complete Transmission Rebuild – Turbo 350 Automatic including new flywheel

12/04/1986 New Flex Plate

9/30/1986 Chrome Exhaust Tips

10/03/1986 New Master Brake Cylinder, new front hubs

12/30/1986 Lube Oil Filter

1/20/1987 Engine Tune up – New Cap, Rotors, Plugs, Points, Condenser

3/11/1987 Front Brake Service

6/11/1987 New U Joints,

12/07/1987 Lube Oil Filter

12/29/1987 New Motor Mount

5/06/1988 Lube Oil Filter

8/18/1988 Lube Oil Filter, Power Steering fluid added

11/04/1988 New Transmission mounts

3/15/1989 Lube Oil Filter, U Joints, front end lube

4/17/1989 New Rochester Carburetor

5/26/1989 Remove and reseal front windshield

8/30/1989 Full Tune Up, Temp Sender and Vacuum advance, plugs, points, rotor, condenser

9/01/1989 Full tune up including vacuum advance module replacement

9/22/1989 Rewire starter solenoid circuit block

10/16/1989 Lube Oil Filter

8/02/1989 Completely new Exhaust system, front end rebuild, new brake lines ($709)

3/22/1990 Adjust E-Brake Cable, New valve cover gaskets, new fuel line from tank

4/19/1990 Replace Temp Sender

7/27/1990 Rear Brake Shoes, Replace Rear Drums

12/03/1990 Lube Oil Filter

4/30/1991 Tune Up and all new parts, timing performed, spark plugs replaced, carb adjusted

80/7/1991 Lube Oil Filter

8/21/1991 Transmission service, fluid replacement

11/21/1991 Carb rebuild, new Thermostat, Lube Oil Filter

2/28/1992 Replaced Steering coupler, replaced belts

4/08/1992 Lube Oil Filter

9/25/1992 Tune Up, Set Dwell and Timing, replaced rotor plugs, Rear brake pads

7/16/1993 Lube Oil Filter

7/19/1993 Upper Ball joints replaced, new idler arm and front-end alignment

12/10/1993 All new front end linkage and new motor mounts installed

2/28/1995 New Points, Condenser, Timing adjustment, new Thermostat housing and thermostat,

Flush and fill radiator

8/16/1995 Radiator Core replacement and Heater Core replacement

1/16/1996 Replace Master Cylinder, full brake service

7/23/1996 Tune up, adjusted timing, adjusted carburetor

11/05/1996 Lube Oil Filter Service

8/30/1997 New Starter and solenoid

3/26/1999 Transmission full service including replacement of pan gasket

8/17/1999 Front Brake rotors replaced

10/09/1999 COMPLETE PAINT JOB (windows removed and including door jambs) and Bedliner

Applied (At a cost of $2,389 in 99 equals $4,000 in today’s dollars)

9/6/2000 All New Shocks from Midas (with limited lifetime warranty) and front-end alignment

**Proper Load Carrier Coil Over shocks

11/5/2005 Lube Oil Filter, Coolant system service flush and fill, new Fuel Pump.

5/31/2017 New Carburetor, Trans Flush, Tune Up (Cap, Rotors, Plugs, Points, Fuel Filter, Set Timing)

Replace Master Cylinder, Replace Rear wheel Cylinders and Bleed system, Rear Diff

Service, Replace Steering Gear (power) and Coupler, New Fuel Pump

2/11/2022 Readying the vehicle for resale after its last recorded use in 2017 (garaged for 5 years)

Full Detailed Inspection of the vehicle. New Battery, Cleaned up Bad grounds and other faulty wiring issues, Complete Tune Up

Worn parts Replacements – New Dash Console and changed to LED Lighting, Refurbished Center Console and Reinstalled (it was obtained in pieces with the vehicle). Pressure washed vehicle engine bay and undercarriage, Changed Fluids (Brake, coolant/Oil, Power Steering and Transmission Fluid) and Lubed Front-End suspension. Brake adjustment performed. Coated Exhaust in engine bay with POR15 Manifold Grey Applied new coat of paint to the engine block. Plug Wire looms added. New Battery, wiper blades and steering wheel center cap.

All Scheduled Maintenance.

Always garaged.


One owner.

Wild About Cars Garage

(425) 246-5222

11200 Kirkland Way Suite 350, Kirkland WA 98033


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